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Gardening Update



Daffodils and grape hyacinths

Crocuses and Irises

Path to Peace

The garden is starting to take on a look. Bulbs are growing and flowering. Bees are buzzing, peace is happening. I’ve sown the wildflower seeds and sweet peas too so they should come up sometime in summer. I did get an extra few daffodil bulbs from a friend who was moving and wanted to keep the. So they’re on loan until they find a garden worthy of their presence.


The Road Less Travelled


“Why do you take the road less travelled?”

“Because it’s the unknown. It’s adventure. It’s challenge. And what of you?”

“I take it because it’s quiet. It’s solitude. It’s peace.”



I think it’s best that I remain alone.

News articles


I do wonder about these articles when they’re discussing things close to ones heart. I can take it in any manner of ways they wish to say it. But the article is aimed squarely at the person who likes the idea of solitude and therefore reads it with a positive bent as opposed to an open mind or a negative bent even 🙂

  1. Solitude is Healthy. Of course. Many things are, in moderation. But it depends on the person of course. And extrovert would prefer crowds to charge but needs some solitude occasionally. An introvert would crave solitude most days but would occasionally like to go out.
  2. Solitude is productive. A personal peev of mine. Equally I could state the above but on a personal level, I’m not interested in being productive. In achieving goals and working to the best of my ability. I have no interest in work other than the money I receive in order to use that for things that I’m interested in. If I had the money, I would not work. But it has to appeal and people feel they need to be productive in their daily lives in order to feel they have achieved something. When I look at this I see how pointless it all is.
  3. Solitude is empowering. Well I really don’t understand this one too well. I can see what they’re getting at but solitude is solitude. When I meet other people after being alone for a while, as much as I can be, I realise why I wanted to be alone in the first place. I suppose in that sense it is empowering. Not necessarily how the author describes it though.

Life is what it is, I guess.



I notice many solitude articles talk about increasing one social skills. I’m confused as to why. Solitude is surely wanting to be alone. If one is forced into solitude when not entirely wanting it then I’d say that’s more about being lonely. I guess it’s a case of defining what solitude is. To me, it’s wanting to be alone with no other human interaction. I suspect it would be more like minimal human interaction. So not keen on solitude articles, promoting the development of one’s social skills at all.
I also note that many talk about finding a meaning in one’s life to give one a purpose but isn’t that just a distraction? If I decide to play guitar to help me in my solitude, then perhaps I’m not ready to accept solitude in all its glory. I just want to distract myself from the pain of loneliness by playing guitar. Fill in time until I die. Perhaps that’s what giving one’s life meaning is. To distract oneself from the inevitable. What else can one do?

Solitude and Mindfullness


I think this is perhaps where I’m going. What I’m looking for. Not necessarily inner peace, although they seem to suggest the same thing to me. Perhaps they are. That I find inner peace on my own and in contemplation.
I loved the article in Psychology Today “The Call Of Solitude” by Ester Buchholz.

Solitude. One man’s story


Wow! What a great article



There is some great advice on the ‘net about solitude. Something that is increasingly coming to the fore every day for me. BecomingMinimalist has some nice tips by Joshua Becker. Allow your mind to wander and don’t worry if you fall asleep. 2 things that happen to me more often than not. However, perhaps I need to give myself more time.

I Walk Alone

I like this song. Especially sung by Jorn. He has a great voice, in my opinion. It's not just that though. It's a strong song. Quite powerful and his voice just exudes power. Unfortunately I can't find a good video of him singing it, so here's one with Tarja.
I like listening to it when I'm on my own. It does make me wonder though, am I brainwashing myself to be alone?

Oscar Wilde

“Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.”
~ Oscar Wilde