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A Smile


I was lying in bed just thinking of past loves and what they had in common. The following quote formed in my mind.
“Of all the sexiest curves that you have, the most beautiful is your smile.”
There is something truely wonderful meaningful spiritual about a smile.
A great thought to start the day.


Tai Chi


A nice video on Learning the 24 steps of Tai Chi. I hope it’s available in your country.

Meditation and Senses


Wandering around at lunchtime thinking about meditation I remembered a graphic which said, “don’t try and calm your mind, instead listen and feel your breathing”. Or words to that effect. So was I was wandering I thought I’d try being “in the now”, and think of the 4 senses I have that can appreciate the walk. Taste at this point in time doesn’t count.

So I wandered along, thinking sight, looking at the shapes and the colours. Thinking sound, hearing the birds and the cars and the leaves underfoot. Thinking smell, and breathing in the fresh air. Thinking touch, feeling the cool air around my fingers, the uneven surface of the ground, the wind and spots of rain on my face.

Then I’d go around again through the senses. Trying to be in the now. Seems to work a little but still get distracted by things. By thoughts.



Following on from the killing of the flies blog, I was walking through an oak tree wooded area today, enjoying the crunch of acorns underfoot and thinking, is an acorn alive?
Ignoring the video that seems to blur the lines between life and death, the oak tree, that’s preparing for winter by shedding its leaves and sowing its seed about, is alive.  Come spring, new leaves will grow. I know that in a few months time, the acorn will sprout roots and a shoot on which leaves will grow and it will seem alive. But lying on the ground. Crunching underfoot. Of the ones that don’t crunch, what of them?
I suppose it’s a little like sperm and eggs in us humans. At what point do we state that there is life. Does the egg do anything? Is it alive? The sperm moves. Is that in a clockwork stylie? Is it alive?
Does it matter?



A friend asked me what my Passion was. After no time at all this is what I came up with. I really didn’t have to think. Something that allows me to touch my emotions.

1. YOU
3. PEACE. Stopping and smelling the roses. Being in the moment. Feeling the now enter my being. My soul. Sssssh.
4. MUSIC. A well crafted song that brings tears of sadness or a feeling of power. That someone could create something so strong and beautiful as to reach into my heart.
5. COMEDY. A well written joke that I had no idea where the punch line
came from that leaves me no choice to laugh aloud. The proverbial pie
in the face routine.

Spring Bulbs




With it being Autumn, it’s time to plant some bulbs for spring. Hyacinth, daffodil, muscari, iris, crocus, ixia and freesia. 400 bulbs ready for planting. I’ll also move some gladioli. See how it all goes. Looking forward to this weekends gardening. Relaxing, out in the fresh air. Breathe….



You know how it is. You get a phone call on your landline at 02:34 and wonder what’s wrong. You go to the phone but it ends before you get there. Also checking your mobile you see “No Caller ID”. Twice.
The you can’t get to sleep.
Out comes the meditation and relaxing techniques. As I listened to the rain on the roof, the silence of the house. Unfortunately, my mind was wandering and wondering. Now it’s 05:15 and I’m tired. Oh well, it is what it is. Hopefully I shall sleep tonight. Time for a cup of tea.



…has charms to soothe a savage breast. Lately I’ve been looking for more. More technical, more avant garde, more chorus/orchestral backing. More different.
Perhaps I need to soothe my savage breast. To feel content in some way. Music certainly has an ability to lift up my spirit.

Meditation take 2


So I felt an awakening this time. Not a spiritual awakening. 🙂 I’d be slowly fading to sleep while meditating and my mind would start drifting and then a wave like feeling would come over me and I’d be awake. Wide awake and back to concentration. Strange thing is, it felt more like a wave. Not like a jolt or a fade in. It rolled, and washed down me.

Warm summer evenings


I do love the smell of a warm summer evening. As the sun goes down and the air cools, the fresh cool air smell is very calming. Soothing.