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A Book of Silence – Sara Maitland


I have not read this book but I have read this article from the Guardian which gives one an idea of what the book is about. A no holds barred (“bard”) look at life away from modern society, alone with just ones thoughts. Possibly scary stuff. Sara Maitland’s book sounds like it might be an interesting read.




I’ve been thinking a lot lately about moving to somewhere more conducive to leading a peaceful life. I know it’s who you are and not where you are that matters but something more conducive to that quiet direction may help. Declutter, so to speak. I have some land in mind which I’m going to see. Stick on a livable container and rent out my current place, using the money from that to live on. 6 years to go until my commitment to society ends. 6 years to plan.



As a tribe of one, I move quietly, peacefully, to extinction.

The Road Less Travelled


“Why do you take the road less travelled?”

“Because it’s the unknown. It’s adventure. It’s challenge. And what of you?”

“I take it because it’s quiet. It’s solitude. It’s peace.”

Gardening Update

Gardening Bench

Garden Bench

The garden bench I mentioned earlier is up and running. Somewhere to sit and think. To be quiet. I’m thinking of sanding and painting it white, and then getting a multitude of coloured paints and then painting stripes, zig-zags, stickmen, suns, circles and all sorts to give it colour.
The strange extra bits sticking out are to put pots on at some point. Or something. 🙂

Solitude and Mindfullness


I think this is perhaps where I’m going. What I’m looking for. Not necessarily inner peace, although they seem to suggest the same thing to me. Perhaps they are. That I find inner peace on my own and in contemplation.
I loved the article in Psychology Today “The Call Of Solitude” by Ester Buchholz.

Solitude. One man’s story


Wow! What a great article

Path to Inner Peace


This achieving inner peace malarkey is quite hard in this day and age when one is requested (required?) to be social. Quiet please.
I need a break.



Questions, questions. So many that have moved me away from moving toward for inner peace. Time to move back to peace, quiet, calm and solitude.

Time for a 5 minute break and listen….




I’d thought about going here, to the Intercontinental Resort & Spa for the last 2 years. It seems so tranquil. A place to go and unwind from day to day life. Just me. To relax. To BE. But the thought of spending so much on a holiday would eat at my conscience, beautiful as it is. Perhaps one day.