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Letting Go


An interesting read, regarding the Power of Letting Go. Not so sure about the 14 pages of selecting “next” but then, It is what it is. Nice article, though.


Tai Chi


A nice video on Learning the 24 steps of Tai Chi. I hope it’s available in your country.

Meditation “types”


Hmmm. Meditation. An interesting pastime. Not sure if I can “do it” though. I’ve tried. It just doesn’t fit with me. I might try Tai Chi as a form of meditation. Gardening is a good one. Also, walking but they’re not sitting there, thinking about nothing. Emptying ones head. Perhaps I’m not supposed to empty my head. Perhaps I’m not that “type” of person.
I do know, I am I. 🙂

I Am


I am Ahab
I am the Sword
I am the Spirit
I am

I am the Anger
I am Hated
I am Dirt
I am

Who am I?
I am I

~ Peter Morris (with thanks to Google Play and the search phrase “I am”)



A brilliant article on meditation by Blon Lee on Tiny Buddha.

Spring Bulbs




With it being Autumn, it’s time to plant some bulbs for spring. Hyacinth, daffodil, muscari, iris, crocus, ixia and freesia. 400 bulbs ready for planting. I’ll also move some gladioli. See how it all goes. Looking forward to this weekends gardening. Relaxing, out in the fresh air. Breathe….

Smiling Mind


So this software might be worth a try to get some meditation going.mlooks to be good so far.

Solitude and Mindfullness


I think this is perhaps where I’m going. What I’m looking for. Not necessarily inner peace, although they seem to suggest the same thing to me. Perhaps they are. That I find inner peace on my own and in contemplation.
I loved the article in Psychology Today “The Call Of Solitude” by Ester Buchholz.



I need a trigger. A trigger for the word, “mindful”.
A few years ago I wasn’t sure about where I was going in life. What I wanted to do. So I talked with an excellent life coach to see what I wanted. What direction I felt was best for me. While this was going on I also had to come up with some form of “Mission Statement“. For that I needed a trigger so that when I needed it, it would come up. The trigger was the 2 rings I wear. To touch them would remind me of this phrase.
So now I’m wanting a trigger for the word mindful. To step outside myself and see where I am, what I’m doing and just be mindful of it. Just “Be”.


Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

So, I’m going to develop this corner of the garden. At least try. Knock p a garden bench with the scrap wood, plant a few bulbs and some wildflowers. See what happens in Spring/Summer. Take my time. No rush.