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Mindful Awareness


The article is a lovely read. Once sentence in it reminds me of the film, Leap Year. “…and treat every day like it was the first time, and the last…”. Only, in the film, they were talking about kissing.




Back in Feb 2016 I wrote a post about the 9 steps to live by. In that, number 7 was to “Make my own path in life”. I wrote these steps down back in 2005 after building them up over time since the early 80’s when my character was forming. Perhaps, really, when you think about it, since birth back in ‘64. I’m that old.
Very happily, in 2012, I strayed from my path. For the first time, fell deeply, madly and very stupidly “in love” and followed another’s path for 1 year. At the end of the loving relationship we split but remain good friends, to this day.
I was utterly lost.
Unfortunately, being the kind of person I am, I cannot move on. I have tried and failed a few times to get back to my own path. To be who I was supposed to be.
I am still lost.
Back in 2013, in an alternate blog, I wrote the following comment.
“I understand why people have to avoid their partners when their relationship ends. It’s so their heart doesn’t break”.
People have this self preservation and have to avoid, get angry or even end up hating their partners. They don’t really hate. I cannot believe people could go from loving to hating. I can certainly see love fading away but going from love to hate in a very short time doesn’t ring true unless it’s for self preservation. You cannot love them so you have to hate. You have to break away from their love in order to survive and move on. To avoid your heart breaking.
So this is where I am.
I cannot hate.
My heart is broken.
I look for peace.
It’s 5 years on.
…and I still love her.

Life’s Purpose


Over at there’s an article from Joanie Faletto you can find your life’s purpose using Ikigai, a Japanese concept which you ask yourself 4 questions.

  1. What do you love?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What does the world need from you?
  4. What can you get paid for?

If you can find your one thing that answers all 4, you’ve got it made.
Good luck.

A Smile


I was lying in bed just thinking of past loves and what they had in common. The following quote formed in my mind.
“Of all the sexiest curves that you have, the most beautiful is your smile.”
There is something truely wonderful meaningful spiritual about a smile.
A great thought to start the day.

Loving an introvert


A lovely article about how to love an introvert. Could an extrovert be bothered? 🙂

Victoria Wood. 1953-2016


I’m not a fan of watching the news. It’s all negative and depressing but the sad part of this is I miss out on news that, while sad, I would still want to know.
Rest in Peace, Victoria Wood. You are my hero.



A friend asked me what my Passion was. After no time at all this is what I came up with. I really didn’t have to think. Something that allows me to touch my emotions.

1. YOU
3. PEACE. Stopping and smelling the roses. Being in the moment. Feeling the now enter my being. My soul. Sssssh.
4. MUSIC. A well crafted song that brings tears of sadness or a feeling of power. That someone could create something so strong and beautiful as to reach into my heart.
5. COMEDY. A well written joke that I had no idea where the punch line
came from that leaves me no choice to laugh aloud. The proverbial pie
in the face routine.



I meant something to someone, once.

~ Peter Morris

The Key to Inner Peace


So I was thinking about all the things I’ve written so far. The blog posts, the quotes, the poems, and trying to understand how to come to Inner Peace. I have come to the realisation for me that it’s not something you can just obtain overnight. It’s not like a TV.  You don’t just live without Inner Peace and then the next day, you miraculously have it. It’s a journey. I understand that now. The longer you take the journey to Inner Peace, the closer you become. You level up so to speak, but I also think you never actually achieve it as you feel it. From the outside it may look like you have achieved Inner Peace to others but within, it’s still the journey. You’re still learning and growing and will continue to learn and grow through time. Then there’s being mindful. Living in the present and using your senses helps guide you ever closer. To stop and step back into mindfulness. To watch yourself as in the third person, as it were. In everything you do, use your senses to feel, smell, touch, taste and hear life unfold before you. Notice them and live or rather feel in the present. You still have to plan that next holiday or remember your lost loved ones so it’s not just staying there. Remember to pay that bill when you get home, write it down so you don’t forget and then come back to the present. Unconditional Love is another point that may always feel as though it’s beyond reach but to reach closer, I think to love and to accept are key. To love them and accept them for who they are and not whom you want them to be. Also, I think one of the simplest and most important steps. Breathe.

I think that’s about it. Relaxing and being on my own in nature helps. That wouldn’t help the extroverts but it helps me. I’m sure structured meditation does too and perhaps that’s something of a goal to aspire to, but for me, relaxing and being in nature, and open to everything is meditation in itself. I shall go away and think about this some more.

Oh. One more thing. Bold is Beautiful. Worth remembering.



Why is it that all these prophets, religious and spiritual people write such long and dull books when all they’re trying to say can be summed up into one word. LOVE.

~ Peter Morris