A Smile


I was lying in bed just thinking of past loves and what they had in common. The following quote formed in my mind.
“Of all the sexiest curves that you have, the most beautiful is your smile.”
There is something truely wonderful meaningful spiritual about a smile.
A great thought to start the day.


Thoughtful quote


Because emails don’t soak up tears.

100 Years


I was watching The Terminator the other day and a seemingly innocent remark from Nancy, played by Shawn Schepps, in the restaurant jumped out at me. “Look at it this way. In 100 years, who’s gonna care”.
Quotes can crop up in surprising places.



As a tribe of one, I move quietly, peacefully, to extinction.

Tai Chi


A nice video on Learning the 24 steps of Tai Chi. I hope it’s available in your country.

Gardening Update



Daffodils and grape hyacinths

Crocuses and Irises

Path to Peace

The garden is starting to take on a look. Bulbs are growing and flowering. Bees are buzzing, peace is happening. I’ve sown the wildflower seeds and sweet peas too so they should come up sometime in summer. I did get an extra few daffodil bulbs from a friend who was moving and wanted to keep the. So they’re on loan until they find a garden worthy of their presence.

Meditation “types”


Hmmm. Meditation. An interesting pastime. Not sure if I can “do it” though. I’ve tried. It just doesn’t fit with me. I might try Tai Chi as a form of meditation. Gardening is a good one. Also, walking but they’re not sitting there, thinking about nothing. Emptying ones head. Perhaps I’m not supposed to empty my head. Perhaps I’m not that “type” of person.
I do know, I am I. 🙂

Taoism. Is it me?


I like this article on Taoism. Perhaps because it almost fits the way I think and therefore I can comparmentalise myself.
I especially like the summary. It clearly defines some nice guidelines:

  • Taoism is acceptance of your life.
  • Taoism is following your breath to find peace.
  • Taoism is opening up a smile to enable possibility.

If you embrace these three ideas, everything else follows in Taoism. Some people do start here. Others take a longer more colorful path. That’s fine also, since you get to experience more color in your life. No wrong path exists at the end, since it’s about experiencing life.

Perhaps I shall read up on some more. Pick out the bits I like and add them to my belief structure, if not there already.

Thoughts. Negative or Positive?


So I saw a headline at TinyBuddha that said “7 Ways to Learn from Your Negative Thoughts” by Bethany Rosselit and was a little disheartened for 3 reasons.
1. Surely, if you learn from a negative thought, it can’t be negative. It’s a positive thought.
2. When it comes to thoughts, there are no positives or negatives. Thoughts just “are”. Like a blade of grass just “is”.
3. I spent ages trying to write this third reason. It’s not an easy one to write. I kept thinking of the author and of the reader but I think it has to do with the way society has exuded it’s beliefs or learnings on us all so that we think a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with that. Society, if it’s to stand the test of time, needs some form of cohesion and structure if it is to last, but it makes it very difficult to question or live outside society. So in the end, how many people will read the article and give it a thumbs up and not question. In the end though, people just “are”.

Great article though. Lots of useful stuff to learn and grow from. Perhaps I don’t like headlines. 🙂

I Am


I am Ahab
I am the Sword
I am the Spirit
I am

I am the Anger
I am Hated
I am Dirt
I am

Who am I?
I am I

~ Peter Morris (with thanks to Google Play and the search phrase “I am”)