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A Smile


I was lying in bed just thinking of past loves and what they had in common. The following quote formed in my mind.
“Of all the sexiest curves that you have, the most beautiful is your smile.”
There is something truely wonderful meaningful spiritual about a smile.
A great thought to start the day.


Thoughtful quote


Because emails don’t soak up tears.

100 Years


I was watching The Terminator the other day and a seemingly innocent remark from Nancy, played by Shawn Schepps, in the restaurant jumped out at me. “Look at it this way. In 100 years, who’s gonna care”.
Quotes can crop up in surprising places.



As a tribe of one, I move quietly, peacefully, to extinction.



…has charms to soothe a savage breast. Lately I’ve been looking for more. More technical, more avant garde, more chorus/orchestral backing. More different.
Perhaps I need to soothe my savage breast. To feel content in some way. Music certainly has an ability to lift up my spirit.



Pronunciation: /ˌsɪvɪlʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/

An ever increasing complexity of a house made of cards with bolt ons and struts to make sure it doesn’t fall. Ultimately, it will. And hard.

This is the end, my friend


So, as the video I posted previously, said, it opens more questions that it answers. As an ISTJ and if opposites attract, then an ENFP would be perfect. That is, perfect to entice me with their ways, to charm me with their excitement and to infuriate the hell out of me with not being organised and just “going with the flow”.
But ultimately, what does it matter. If you think of us as atoms and molecules, it doesn’t. Nothing does. As the lyric goes:
“We were nothing for a billion years before our time
And we will be nothing more again for an eternity yet to come”.
There is no point. It is what it is.

I am rambling. What the hell does this have to do with Peace and Solitude? 🙂



An existence that is pointless has as much right to be as a life with meaning.

~ Peter Morris

Inner Peace


Ha ha ha ha ha. My last post on meditation sounds like I’m forcing myself to be calm. To find inner peace. All I need is to let go.
“Humbled by my own stupidity” 🙂



I meant something to someone, once.

~ Peter Morris