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Meditation “types”


Hmmm. Meditation. An interesting pastime. Not sure if I can “do it” though. I’ve tried. It just doesn’t fit with me. I might try Tai Chi as a form of meditation. Gardening is a good one. Also, walking but they’re not sitting there, thinking about nothing. Emptying ones head. Perhaps I’m not supposed to empty my head. Perhaps I’m not that “type” of person.
I do know, I am I. 🙂


Meditation and Senses


Wandering around at lunchtime thinking about meditation I remembered a graphic which said, “don’t try and calm your mind, instead listen and feel your breathing”. Or words to that effect. So was I was wandering I thought I’d try being “in the now”, and think of the 4 senses I have that can appreciate the walk. Taste at this point in time doesn’t count.

So I wandered along, thinking sight, looking at the shapes and the colours. Thinking sound, hearing the birds and the cars and the leaves underfoot. Thinking smell, and breathing in the fresh air. Thinking touch, feeling the cool air around my fingers, the uneven surface of the ground, the wind and spots of rain on my face.

Then I’d go around again through the senses. Trying to be in the now. Seems to work a little but still get distracted by things. By thoughts.



A brilliant article on meditation by Blon Lee on Tiny Buddha.

Everything is sorted


So, I know how to get inner peace and meditate, I understand that there is no point to life and it is what it is. Where to next? I may “know” how to achieve inner peace and to meditate but am I there yet? The answer is clearly no as I still need questions answered. I think some meditation is required.

Myers-Briggs and Meditation


I wondered if there was an easier way to meditate. After all, there are so many ways. I did think about friends who seem to pick it up easily but then the ones that meditate are so different in their outlook on life. In comes the Myers-Briggs test, which I had done each year for the past few years. Still the same as I ever was.
A quick search for Myers-Briggs and Meditation brings up an interesting site which shows me a good way to help get into meditation. Seems I found my way of my own accord.

Meditation take 2


So I felt an awakening this time. Not a spiritual awakening. 🙂 I’d be slowly fading to sleep while meditating and my mind would start drifting and then a wave like feeling would come over me and I’d be awake. Wide awake and back to concentration. Strange thing is, it felt more like a wave. Not like a jolt or a fade in. It rolled, and washed down me.

Inner Peace


Ha ha ha ha ha. My last post on meditation sounds like I’m forcing myself to be calm. To find inner peace. All I need is to let go.
“Humbled by my own stupidity” 🙂



Hmmm. says that you learn to meditate by meditating. This sounds remarkably like my earlier post on inner peace. Just level up on the skills. So I think this is going to be my next big thing. To go through the steps to try and get somewhere in meditation. It seems to be the only step that I haven’t made any progress in, but would benefit from in order to gain more inner peace.



I had the best meditation I’ve ever had today. I was in a motel room, awake early and it seemed relatively quiet out so got up and sat on a chair and had a go. It wasn’t anything special but for a few minutes, I was breathing and not thinking about anything else. Just concentrating on my breathing. How do I know it was good? I felt good and, when I looked at the clock, it was 10 minutes. Not just a few. So I think that’s a good sign. 🙂
OF course it might be easier to meditate away from home without thoughts of what I should or could be doing.

Huff Post Article on Mindfullness


Here’s an interesting article in Huffington Post by Bojana Jankovic on being mindful.
For me
1. Put phone on aeroplane mode. Achieved. No one phones me anyway. Facebook? What’s that 🙂
2. Connect with nature. Achieved. I try to every day go for a nature walk.
3. Get more sleep. Achieved. I like to go to bed early. Shame I wake up early too though. Still, I suspect it means I have achieved enough sleep.
4. Meditate. FAIL! I find this very hard. My mind wanders all the time. 🙂
5. Eat slowly and mindfully. FAIL! Food is fuel. Plus, one meal a day is enough. Perhaps I could eat slowly and think about the food.