Meditation and Senses

Wandering around at lunchtime thinking about meditation I remembered a graphic which said, “don’t try and calm your mind, instead listen and feel your breathing”. Or words to that effect. So was I was wandering I thought I’d try being “in the now”, and think of the 4 senses I have that can appreciate the walk. Taste at this point in time doesn’t count.

So I wandered along, thinking sight, looking at the shapes and the colours. Thinking sound, hearing the birds and the cars and the leaves underfoot. Thinking smell, and breathing in the fresh air. Thinking touch, feeling the cool air around my fingers, the uneven surface of the ground, the wind and spots of rain on my face.

Then I’d go around again through the senses. Trying to be in the now. Seems to work a little but still get distracted by things. By thoughts.


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