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Thoughts. Negative or Positive?


So I saw a headline at TinyBuddha that said “7 Ways to Learn from Your Negative Thoughts” by Bethany Rosselit and was a little disheartened for 3 reasons.
1. Surely, if you learn from a negative thought, it can’t be negative. It’s a positive thought.
2. When it comes to thoughts, there are no positives or negatives. Thoughts just “are”. Like a blade of grass just “is”.
3. I spent ages trying to write this third reason. It’s not an easy one to write. I kept thinking of the author and of the reader but I think it has to do with the way society has exuded it’s beliefs or learnings on us all so that we think a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with that. Society, if it’s to stand the test of time, needs some form of cohesion and structure if it is to last, but it makes it very difficult to question or live outside society. So in the end, how many people will read the article and give it a thumbs up and not question. In the end though, people just “are”.

Great article though. Lots of useful stuff to learn and grow from. Perhaps I don’t like headlines. 🙂


I Am


I am Ahab
I am the Sword
I am the Spirit
I am

I am the Anger
I am Hated
I am Dirt
I am

Who am I?
I am I

~ Peter Morris (with thanks to Google Play and the search phrase “I am”)

Meditation and Senses


Wandering around at lunchtime thinking about meditation I remembered a graphic which said, “don’t try and calm your mind, instead listen and feel your breathing”. Or words to that effect. So was I was wandering I thought I’d try being “in the now”, and think of the 4 senses I have that can appreciate the walk. Taste at this point in time doesn’t count.

So I wandered along, thinking sight, looking at the shapes and the colours. Thinking sound, hearing the birds and the cars and the leaves underfoot. Thinking smell, and breathing in the fresh air. Thinking touch, feeling the cool air around my fingers, the uneven surface of the ground, the wind and spots of rain on my face.

Then I’d go around again through the senses. Trying to be in the now. Seems to work a little but still get distracted by things. By thoughts.

Lost Souls


I was intrigued that they mentioned that people go to this Temple at Burning Man as perhaps a way to heal spiritually as there’s a loss of faith in modern life. At least that’s the way I heard it in the dialog. I think people have to have a belief in something. Faith in a God, in a religion, in who they are, in a ham sandwich. It doesn’t really matter what you believe in. A lack of belief perhaps signifies a lost soul. A loss of who you are. Sad.



A brilliant article on meditation by Blon Lee on Tiny Buddha.