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Following on from the killing of the flies blog, I was walking through an oak tree wooded area today, enjoying the crunch of acorns underfoot and thinking, is an acorn alive?
Ignoring the video that seems to blur the lines between life and death, the oak tree, that’s preparing for winter by shedding its leaves and sowing its seed about, is alive.  Come spring, new leaves will grow. I know that in a few months time, the acorn will sprout roots and a shoot on which leaves will grow and it will seem alive. But lying on the ground. Crunching underfoot. Of the ones that don’t crunch, what of them?
I suppose it’s a little like sperm and eggs in us humans. At what point do we state that there is life. Does the egg do anything? Is it alive? The sperm moves. Is that in a clockwork stylie? Is it alive?
Does it matter?


The Road Less Travelled


“Why do you take the road less travelled?”

“Because it’s the unknown. It’s adventure. It’s challenge. And what of you?”

“I take it because it’s quiet. It’s solitude. It’s peace.”



An interesting read on Buzzfeed I read via Flipboard on things one worries about.
I was especially interested in no.4.
Not having reached all the goals you set yourself as a teenager.
Setting yourself high goals can make you feel unhappy if you don’t reach them.
In her book Generation Me (Atria Books, 2014), Jean Twenge, a Psychology professor from San Diego State University, explains that people who set themselves high goals feel significantly less happy than their peers when they don’t achieve them. “It’s the natural, if unintended, backfiring of a childhood filled with messages like, You can be anything you want to be!”.
According to a paper published in Social Psychological and Personality Science in 2015, “With expectations so high, less happiness in adulthood may be the inevitable result.”
Another paper published in the British Medical Journal in 2006 suggests that Denmark is the happiest nation because Danes have the lowest expectations.

I should have been a Dane. 🙂

Loving an introvert


A lovely article about how to love an introvert. Could an extrovert be bothered? 🙂