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Victoria Wood. 1953-2016


I’m not a fan of watching the news. It’s all negative and depressing but the sad part of this is I miss out on news that, while sad, I would still want to know.
Rest in Peace, Victoria Wood. You are my hero.



Peace is at the top of my list now.



A friend asked me what my Passion was. After no time at all this is what I came up with. I really didn’t have to think. Something that allows me to touch my emotions.

1. YOU
3. PEACE. Stopping and smelling the roses. Being in the moment. Feeling the now enter my being. My soul. Sssssh.
4. MUSIC. A well crafted song that brings tears of sadness or a feeling of power. That someone could create something so strong and beautiful as to reach into my heart.
5. COMEDY. A well written joke that I had no idea where the punch line
came from that leaves me no choice to laugh aloud. The proverbial pie
in the face routine.

Picture Nothing


An interesting video. Watching this showed me the closest I’ve come to picturing “nothing”.



I think it’s best that I remain alone.

News articles


I do wonder about these articles when they’re discussing things close to ones heart. I can take it in any manner of ways they wish to say it. But the article is aimed squarely at the person who likes the idea of solitude and therefore reads it with a positive bent as opposed to an open mind or a negative bent even 🙂

  1. Solitude is Healthy. Of course. Many things are, in moderation. But it depends on the person of course. And extrovert would prefer crowds to charge but needs some solitude occasionally. An introvert would crave solitude most days but would occasionally like to go out.
  2. Solitude is productive. A personal peev of mine. Equally I could state the above but on a personal level, I’m not interested in being productive. In achieving goals and working to the best of my ability. I have no interest in work other than the money I receive in order to use that for things that I’m interested in. If I had the money, I would not work. But it has to appeal and people feel they need to be productive in their daily lives in order to feel they have achieved something. When I look at this I see how pointless it all is.
  3. Solitude is empowering. Well I really don’t understand this one too well. I can see what they’re getting at but solitude is solitude. When I meet other people after being alone for a while, as much as I can be, I realise why I wanted to be alone in the first place. I suppose in that sense it is empowering. Not necessarily how the author describes it though.

Life is what it is, I guess.

Gardening Update

Gardening Bench

Garden Bench

The garden bench I mentioned earlier is up and running. Somewhere to sit and think. To be quiet. I’m thinking of sanding and painting it white, and then getting a multitude of coloured paints and then painting stripes, zig-zags, stickmen, suns, circles and all sorts to give it colour.
The strange extra bits sticking out are to put pots on at some point. Or something. 🙂



I was thinking to myself earlier today, “Am I happy?”. I think the answer would have to be “No”. However, if I were to ask “Am I at peace?” Then the answer would be “I’m getting there”.
That’s a plus. 🙂