I notice many solitude articles talk about increasing one social skills. I’m confused as to why. Solitude is surely wanting to be alone. If one is forced into solitude when not entirely wanting it then I’d say that’s more about being lonely. I guess it’s a case of defining what solitude is. To me, it’s wanting to be alone with no other human interaction. I suspect it would be more like minimal human interaction. So not keen on solitude articles, promoting the development of one’s social skills at all.
I also note that many talk about finding a meaning in one’s life to give one a purpose but isn’t that just a distraction? If I decide to play guitar to help me in my solitude, then perhaps I’m not ready to accept solitude in all its glory. I just want to distract myself from the pain of loneliness by playing guitar. Fill in time until I die. Perhaps that’s what giving one’s life meaning is. To distract oneself from the inevitable. What else can one do?


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