What is is all about? I’d say I’ve been pondering this over the last 10 years, more so in the last 6 and even more in the last 2. At each point my answers would have been different but slowly getting closer to what my belief it’s all about. For those interested in the Myers-Briggs compartmentalisation, I’m an ISTJ. So you know where I’m coming from.
Socrates, said that to philosophise about life is to prepare for death. Perhaps this is what I am doing.
Sex and death
So 10 years ago I was walking along a beach and was surprised and the amount of death I saw. It was interesting and perhaps a trigger for thinking more about death. Everything washed up on the beach spoke of it. Driftwood, shells, jellyfish, seaweed. Dead. Forward a few years and more death appears. Go for a walk and trees, plants, and currently, all the seeds fallen from the plants just scattered around, hoping to succeed in life but more often than not, left to rot into the ground. Death, it seems, surrounds us all. It happens to us all. Sometime. Then there’s sex. It’s happening everywhere. Birds singing their hearts out to find a mate, plants waiting for that insect to come spread pollen over it by enticing it with food. Is this prostitution at its most basic? And with all this is war of course. A fight to win. To be the best and to pass on ones genes. For us as humans, we create our nests, put on our war paint to attract mates, do our ritual mating calls and dances in the hope we find someone so continue the genetic line. Of course, given the type of person I am, realistically, I’m surprised and how some people still think there is only one person out there for them. Of course there are thousands. Probably hundreds of thousands. Surprising that in all the world, people amazingly find that one perfect partner who just happens to be in the same country, and possibly in the same town as them. What are the chances? So we get together, we bond, we mate and pass on our genetics. What should we do after? Should we die? We could certainly mate and produce more offspring. We could get interested in a sport, in a hobby, in a profession. Deep down, we all know what that is.
Atoms and molecules
Then of course there is what we’re all made up of. What everything in the universe(s) is made up of. We’re born, there is a short life, in the grand scheme of things, and then we die and atoms that once made up me are spread throughout the world to be part of something else, just as atoms that were once part of a cow, or an apple that were converted to being part of us. The cycle continues. Over and over. I once heard, and it’s all over the ‘net if you look, that it’s highly likely that every breath you take has at least an atom of the last breath of Julius Caesar contained therein. An interesting thought.
It’s also interesting that were just a collection of atoms. So then, why would I take preference over one collection of atoms than another? Should that be why does this collection of atoms prefer another collection of atoms over a third set. What is it that makes one person like another more than someone else. Likewise with a monkey, or a lion. With many from the “animal kingdom” it’s the strongest that wins the mating ritual but there are others that sneak in occasionally. With us, as humans with our organised “ways” of doing things, it’s finding that person that fits our lifestyle. Our beliefs. Our morals. Should we have something in common with each other for the attraction to take place? Should opposites attract? Does that matter. Probably not. I suspect we can live with either.
So as I said, we find someone, we bond, we mate. What then? Well, everything else is filler. To distract oneself from the inevitable. But is death the end?


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