Sex, Death & the Meaning of Life

So what’s life all about? If you look at the plants and animals, like I do when I pop out at lunch for a stroll, I see all the animals calling out for mates, I see trees and plants starting to seed to start life anew. Every time I wander along a beach, I see death all around. I see a war going on. A battle for life. So is life all about sex and death. All about regeneration? It brought me further out to thinking about the universe and what that is all about. Ultimately, my answer is nothing. That there is no point to life. I think this is a good place to start to build a purpose for ones own life. A blank slate if you will. Start from nothing and then add to it. If life is nothing, what can I add to it to make my life mean something at least to me. My next question of course is why should I need to?


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