Perfectly Peaceful

I was thinking of what the perfect peaceful situation would be for me. I'm aware that I could have too much of a good thing which can ruin it. It came about while I was looking and peaceful images on the 'net. There were ocean views, snow capped mountains, dense woodland, babbling brooks, lake views, many had water, many were drawn.
It reminded me of a saying (Celtic?) about the best sound in the world.
One Celt said it was the sound of the stream, another, the laughter of children and another the sound of the rain on the roof at night. The wisest of them all said “The greatest sound in all the world is the music of what happens.”
I think the same goes for the best peaceful situation. It's the tranquility of all. However, I do love to be alone, in a woodland area, in summer while it's raining a little. The fresh air, the warm breeze with cool rain. The close sound a wooded area makes. It would be a beautiful place to go. Not sure if it would be a nice place to stay though. For a while maybe.

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