9 Steps to live by

1. Unconditional Love
2. You reap what you sow
3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
4. Acceptance
5. Openness, Honesty and Truth
6. Individualism
7. Make my own path in life
8. Learn and grow
9. Enjoy, embrace, love, LIVE

1. Loving anything and everything unconditionally. That is, love them for who they are and not for what you perceive them or want them to be.
2. There are consequences for your actions. Are you OK with the consequences of what you are about to do, if any? You are responsible for all your own actions, whatever the repercussions bring.
3. As it says.
4. Accept people for who they are and not for what you perceive them or want them to be. Accept situations. Learn from them. With acceptance comes control
5. Be truthful. Love is truth. Be true to others but most importantly, be true to yourself. Do not lie to yourself. Be open. Answer questions with an open mind and heart. Accept others’ viewpoints and ideals. They may not be yours but learn from them.
6. You are you and noone else.
7. Take your own path through life. Don’t follow others’ paths. It would be difficult to get back to your own path in life if you walked another’s path. Paths cross, paths go in the same direction. Do not jump off yours .
8. Learn from everything. Learn from mistakes you make. Learn from others’ mistakes. You do things for a reason. At the time it might be a good idea. With hindsight it may not be. Learn from it and accept the responsibility of any consequences
9. You have but one life. Enjoy it. Love and embrace life.

Of course, I try. Nobody’s perfect. 🙂



2 Responses to “9 Steps to live by”

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