East and West

So I was thinking the other day about religions and philosophies and that in the east, they teach to better oneself. To explore the inner self and become, er…, “wonderful”. In the west religions teach to one be selfless and to help others. To look out for the poor and the needy. An interesting mix. We have here. Combine that with the amount of travelling the west made. To be an extrovert and talk your way out of trouble and make alliances was a key factor. Great for the people who have it and the western cultures that travelled, did well and bread extrovert behaviour. As for the east, they stayed at home, learning inner peace. Then of course we have the change from the cult of character over to the cult of personality in the west in the late 19th and through the 20th century where there was a strong shift to not just sell products but oneself also. You don't have to be great, you just have to sound great.

Just some interesting observations.

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One Response to “East and West”

  1. thecloudmap Says:

    Your observation is interesting really. Clearly there is a distinct difference between the east and the west, but I never thought of it from the religious point of view. For me it has always been an observation of how prosperous the west is compared to the east. I concluded that the amount of travelling the west made resulted in them learning and gathering more data than the east who stayed at home with the same data and no change. The acquired data allowed the west to furnish skills that has put them to where they are today.

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