The Search for Inner Peace

Some random thoughts to start with for my benefit.
There is no rush, be content with what you have. You create your own stress. Life is what it is. It does not matter. With acceptance comes control over yourself. Remove obstacles from your path.
Step out to nature. Use your senses. Smell the roses, listen to the birds and the bees. See the order and chaos in nature. Everything is at war but ultimately, it's all about procreation. Life itself.
Meditation doesn't have to be sitting in some uncomfortable position with a group of people you don't know, chanting or mumbling. That's a way to slow yourself down and be in the moment. To clear your mind. A cup of tea and sitting on a park bench also does wonders.
Be on your own. Listen to your thoughts. Do nothing. Accept the slowness of time.
Live NOW
Enjoy the moment. Be purposeful in what you do and use your senses. Listen how you make a cup of tea. Smell its sweet aroma as you pour the tea into the cup. Feel the weight of the teapot. Understand that we do worry about things that have happened in the past or may happen in the future and accept that. Then move on and look to what is happening now.
(Take me to the) BREATHE & BE.

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